One of the great ways to stay active over the holidays and throughout the winter is to get away for a ski trip or two.

I know many clients and friends who really enjoy getting out on the slopes with their family and friends.

One of the challenges beside the cost, can be working your way through the long line ups at the higher profiles resorts.

If you’re looking to get away this winter for a ski trip, here are some great ideas on some lesser known mountains.



Ski resorts: Lesser-known mountains can be a great option

Big-name ski resorts might give you bragging rights when you go back to the office, but lesser-known mountains can give you something else: less crowded slopes, shorter lift lines and even outlets for Crock Pots. Some of these hidden gems are located near their famous rivals, so visitors can enjoy the same choice of lodging, restaurants and off-the-slope activities. Read on for a few lesser-known options that would make a great family skiiing getaway.
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