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Plan Today To Continue to do What You Love Tomorrow

Financial Planning for People Who Love Living an Active Lifestyle
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Take control of your finances

Enjoy peace of mind

Live the life you want

Economic uncertainty shouldn’t leave you worried

Your vision of enjoying an active lifestyle and giving to those you love, shouldn’t change, even during economic uncertainty.

By pursuing the right financial path, you’ll stay confident of what lies ahead.

So no matter what’s happening in the world or the life stage you’re in, you’ll have a secure financial future and legacy to pass on.

Maintaining the life you love means making smart choices today

But we know how challenging it is to confidently keep the lifestyle you’ve grown to love when the world is rapidly changing. You want assurances that you can keep moving forward.

That’s why for over 25 years, we’ve dedicated our services to partnering with people living active lifestyles. Because that’s the type of life we live too. So we understand how important it is to you.

You don’t have to worry about slowing down or giving up a life you’ve worked hard to build. We can help you move confidently into the future with a financial plan that is right for you.

“Mark is quite thorough, always looking for ways to improve his performance in all areas of his life. He has great follow through, even with the little things that most people would just let slip through the cracks.”
Mark Allen | 6X Hawaii Ironman Champion

“Mark has a long-term view in working with his clients. He cares about bringing the right overall plan, even including aspects that may not necessarily reward him. Over the last 25 years, he has helped me maintain proper returns and meet my objectives. He constantly looks for creative solutions that fits my current financial needs and situation
Yves Belanger | Avid Runner

Vice-President, Supply Chain

Your financial plan should deliver results that are clear and measureable

Get to the core of who you are

Create a 3-part plan for your personal, financial and professional goals

Stick to the plan and overcome obstacles that get in your way

Continually clarify, adjust and complete the process to stay on track

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We’ll get to know you, clarify where you want to go, and how we’ll work together.

Create a Custom Plan

Once we discover your goals, lifestyle, and passions, we’ll create a custom financial plan just for you.

Gain Peace of Mind

Confidently move into the future knowing you can sustain a life of freedom and fulfillment.
“Cohesive strategy & strategic planning. Mark created a focused investment strategy, which led to less fees being paid. He is also always thinking about our future!”
Steve & Sue Harrigan | Ironman Triathlete / Avid Runner

Retired Business Owner / Retired Health Care Professional

“Experience & long term focus – Mark helped us ride out the ups and downs of the financial markets. We took his advice and the markets rebounded. Mark is also committed to working on ways to improve and provide better results”
Mike & Joanne Therrien | Walking, Healthy Eating, Traveling the World

Retired Logistics Manager / Retired Merchandizer

We’ll Help You Stay at the Top of Your Game so You Can:

Achieve what you want in life

Enjoy your freedom to continue to do what you love

Give Generously

Stay fulfilled

Don’t compromise the life you love.

Get the financial plan that’s right for your future.

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