Power of Persistence Week 35: “You’re stronger than you think”.

I came across a story recently about Canadian long distance swimming legend Vicki Keith that I felt had an extremely important lesson for each of us.

If you think an Ironman triathlon (swim 3.86 km, bike 180 km, and run 42.2 km) is a big deal, wait till you read about Vicki Keith’s Tri Till You Cry Marathon Triathlon challenge.

The event took place in Kingston, Ontario on June 24th and was created to help raise awareness and funds for three organizations that support children.

Each charity was represented by two participants, so there were 6 participants in total.

Each person undertook the challenge of completing 2 hours of swimming, followed by 2 hours of indoor biking, followed by two hours of running on a treadmill. The event was repeated non-stop—meaning it would continue until the competitors said ‘Uncle”, and there was only one person standing.

It is also important to note that this was not a relay format. You were on you own for 24/7.

Not surprisingly after 48 hours, Vicki Keith was the last person in the competition. Unbelievably, she continued alone until she had met her own personal goal of 72 hours nonstop.

Vicki Keith

When asked about this feat of phenomenal endurance afterword, Vicki provides the following comments that her accomplishment:

If there was one thing I wish I could do, is to teach each young person this lesson.   “Push harder, deep deeper, accept discomfort and frustration. Fight beyond what you believe possible, because on the other side of that line is a wonderful world of possibilities. This is why I continued on.”

As a note of interest, Vicki attributed part of her success at this event to being able to sleep while riding the stationary bike.

Thought for the week:  

 “You are stronger than you think you are”

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