Accountability Challenge Week 34: “Don’t Stop Believing” 

If you happen to be a child of the 70’s and 80’s like me, or even if you just like the music of the 80’s, then you will be familiar with one of the more popular bands of the time; Journey. There biggest hit song came out in 1981. It was the song Don’t Stop Believing.

“Don’t Stop Believing…Hold on to that feeling.”       

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, heck when it comes down to plain living, there are only ever two things we can control in life.

What we believe and how we behave.

“As a man thinketh in his Heart, so is he.”

This is a verse from Proverbs of the Old Testament which later became the thesis for a ground breaking self-development book by James Allen. I highly recommend you do a Google search for the book As a Man Thinketh, or any of James Allen’s work. They are sure to make an excellent addition to your library, plus you should be able to get them for free.

To me this quote means that each of us (male or female) acts as we do because we believe as we do, even if we may not be aware of it on a conscious level.

The limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals and living the lives we were meant to live exist only in our own anxiety and sensitivity.

Belief drives behaviour.

When I look back at the completion of any significant goal or journey in my life, I can directly trace its success to whether or not I believed it was possible. The funny thing about belief is that just a tiny bit is enough to get us moving forward. It follows that if we desire to have different or better results in our life, than we need to change just two things: our beliefs and our behaviours. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

What do you belief to be true, that may in fact just be a big fat lie?

What do you believe about your own success? Be it financial, physical, emotion, spiritual? Or in your relationships or in your career?

If you don’t already have what you want in any of these areas in your life, it’s time to change your beliefs and your behaviour.


“Act as if”.

In my experience the quickest way to achieve positive results in our lives is to “act as if” we already possess the beliefs or behaviours that we desire.

Take a moment to picture the ideal you. What does that look like? How do you feel or what do you believe? How would you behave?

Would you be more confident, more decisive, more adventuresome, more assertive, more fit, have more fun?

You know you would?

Begin right now, this very day to believe and behave as you would if you already had achieved your goals.

Expect Success,


Thought for the week:

“Don’t Stop Believing…Hold on to that feeling.”       Steve Perry

Expect Success,


Mark Hudon, CFP™CCS™

Financial Fitness Coach, Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Creator of The Core Conditioning Program™

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