Are you living with a Sense of Urgency? 

Welcome to week 26 of our Core Conditioning Program Accountability Challenge. It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since we embarked on our challenge together.

I hope you have been enjoying the process and that you remain committed to achieving the goals that you identified as being most important to you.

If you are finding that yourprogress is slower than you desire, then I have an idea that I think might get you moving in the right direction.

It’s as simple and as challenging as creating a compelling sense of urgency.

What does creating a sense of urgency mean to you?

To me it means having a reason or set of reasons that are strong enough to overcome all of the forms of Resistance that will naturally attempt to hold us back.

I was having coffee with a friend of mine recently and he shared a story that served as the inspiration for this week’s message. He asked me if I had ever heard of the Burning Platform story. I replied that I hadn’t.

He shared the riveting story of a worker on an oil rig somewhere along the English coast of the North Atlantic. He awoke one morning to find the oil rig engulfed in flames and black smoke. The platform that he was standing on was burning.

He quickly assessed his situation which had dramatically gone from desperate to disastrous. Here he was, perched precariously 120 feet above the frigid waters of the Atlantic –he could choose to jump which would most likely result in an outcome featuring drowning, grave injury and probable death or he could choose to do nothing and wait for the inevitable.

What would you do?

He chose to jump. Miraculously, he survived the 120 foot plunge into the icy waters, while the rest of his crew perished aboard the rig.

If not now when

He was asked what possessed him to make the decision to jump. He replied that although jumping from a height of well over 100 feet would likely result in his probable death, staying where he was guaranteed him certain death. Faced with these two options and an obvious sense of urgency he chose the path that at least gave him a chance at survival.

Isn’t this a wonderful story? I understand that the goals that we set for our lives do not normally take us on a path of life or death decisions….However…

Can you imagine the progress that you will make toward your goals in life if you choose to live with a similar sense of urgency?

If not now, when?


Thought for the week: ” If not now, when”?   Hillel

Mark Hudon, CFP™CCS™

Financial Fitness Coach, Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Creator of The Core Conditioning Program™

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