In the pursuit of our goals we often focus on our actions, or the things that we need to do to move us closer the attainment of our ideals.

While action is an absolutely essential ingredient in our success formula, it is important to remember to appreciate all of the challenges as well as victories that we experience along the way.

One of the most useful, rewarding and uplifting activities that we can engage in is the daily habit of BEING GRATEFUL. The best part of this process is that is simple-and we can participate in the act of being grateful wherever and whenever we are.

There are days, and even weeks where we feel a sense of struggle. Unchecked, these feelings can stop us in our tracks, and will hold us back from making progress on our goals. In fact if we allow these feelings to continue they may even permanently derail and cause us to give up on our goals. I know this is true because I have experienced it first-hand myself.

This week I am offering you one simple but highly effective antidote which is guaranteed to completely shift your energy and emotion from a negative place to a much more positive and productive one, right here, right now.


Accountability Challenge Week 15: The Power of Gratitude:

Take 5 minutes right now to write out a list of at least 5 things that you are grateful for today. It could be as simple as noticing and being thankful for a ray of sunshine that breaks through an otherwise cloudy day. It could be being grateful for the opportunity to practice patience and restraint when you held your tongue and your temper at the breakfast table despite the chaos of bickering young children. It could be a smile that you passed along to a stranger as you stopped for your morning coffee.   When we consciously choose to be appreciative and grateful in this moment, we can’t help but change our sense of direction from that of struggle, frustration and even resentment to one of harmony, peace, and power.

If you don’t believe me give it a try. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to complete your list again tomorrow, and then the next day….

I am Grateful For:

Expect Success,

Coach Mark

Thought for the week“I am deeply thankful for all that I’ve received, and I enjoy giving to others in the spirit of love and service.”  Wayne Dwyer

Mark Hudon, CFP™CCS™

Financial Fitness Coach, Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Creator of The Core Conditioning Program™

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