Accountability Week 14:  13 Reasons Why Goals Fail?

I thought we would spend our time this week addressing the major reasons why the majority of people fail to achieve the important goals and dreams in their lives.

The source for this week’s lesson comes directly from one of the many encouraging and instructive audio programs that I frequently listen to while driving, exercising or just sitting in silence.

If you haven’t already created your own “University on Wheels”, or in my case on my MP3 player-I highly recommend it.

One of my favourite teachers is Bob Proctor who you may know from the movie The Secret.  Bob has been an icon in the field of personal development for over 50 years now. He has many wonderful programs-which I encourage you to check out.

In this particular lesson Bob identifies the 13 reasons why goals fail. Go through the list and identify for yourself which of the 13 reasons may be standing in the way of your own goal achievement.

Thanks Bob.

13 Reasons Why Goals Fail:

1. Failure to set goals.

 2. Your personal values don’t support your goals.

 3. The goal is not your own-it is been set by someone else for you.

 4. Not being absolutely passionate about your goal.

5.  Your Goal is not important enough to you to take the risk to achieve it-you play it safe.

6. Not prioritizing your goals.

7. Focusing on too many goals at one time.

8. Lack of clarity and focus-no crystal clear picture in your mind.

 9. Attached to Limiting beliefs.

10. Poor attitude.

11. Failure to Implement-having great ideas but not doing anything on your goal.

12. Giving up too soon.

13. Failing to measure your progress and make necessary adjustments.

mistakes in setting goals

Now let’s reverse the wording so instead of having 13 reasons why goals fail and we now have 13 rules to follow that lead to an abundant life.

13 Rules to an abundant Life:       

1    Keep setting goals.      

2.    Make sure your personal values support your goal.

3.   Make sure the goal is your own not someone else’s.

4.  Go after goals that you are truly passionate about.

 5Goals that require risk on your part create magical endings.

 6Prioritize your goals until you fix on your A Number One goal.  

7.   Focus on achieving just one goal at one time. 

8.  Paint a crystal clear, brilliant picture of the goal’s result in your mind.

 9Consciously choose the thoughts that support your goal.

10. Control your attitude. Choose to make it a good one every single day.

11  Plot your initial plan and Implement.

 12 Keep going no matter what. Never give up on your goal.

 13. Take measurements of your progress and adjust accordingly.

I would like to leave you with some simple final words…”trust yourself and believe in yourself”.

Keep your core strong

Coach Mark,

Thought for the week: “You can do it and you know you can”.

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