What’s new on this year’s tax return?

Now that the RRSP deadline has come and gone, many people have switched their attention on how to get the most from their tax return.

While the best time to do your tax planning is before the end of the calendar year there are certain things that you should be aware of that can help you to save a buck or two.

This week’s article share’s what new on this year’s tax return.

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Coach Mark

What’s new on this year’s tax return: Mayers

​It’s a good year to do your own taxes. Only a few things are new, and it’s always good to stay in touch with what you make and where it goes. Tax software is making it even easier, and filing online is getting simpler. The Canada Revenue Agency expects about 1.5 million of us will file this week, as we’re eager for a refund that averaged $1,697 in 2014. The number of early birds will rise to 3.2 million by the end of next week. Most of this year’s tax changes give a little bit to families as part of a bundle of populist tax breaks introduced in 2014. Here are the highlights:
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