Three Valuable Lessons from the latest market downturn

Going through the ups and downs of the markets is one of the most challenging things for investors to do.

Ok, truth be told, most of us are fine with the ups, it’s the downs that present the biggest challenges.

Fortunately, The recent downturn, followed by a swift recovery provides each of us with some very important “teachable moments”.

Here’s an excellent article on three valuable lessons to take away from the latest market downturn.



Three valuable lessons to take away from the latest market downturn

So long, stock market correction. We hardly knew you. The S&P 500 bounced again on Friday to another record high, of 2018.05, up about 200 points from a mere two weeks ago, when it wallowed in the depths of despair. The best part about the lightning-fast recovery? It gives us a chance to sift through our reactions to the turbulence of the past six weeks while the memories are still fresh and figure out what we did right and what we did wrong.
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