There are copious numbers of articles and information written on how to invest your money-and specifically how to invest for retirement.

I come across them everyday and I know that my clients and contacts do as well.
While some are useful, many provide contradictory advice that just leads to confusion for many investors.

I do my best to seek out and find articles that will provide you with a core approach that when implemented will help you to achieve your long term goals, and dreams, and help you to build funds for retirement that will stand the test of time.

Here is an excellent article, that is in line with my own core philosophy.

Expect Success,

Coach Mark

The Best Way To Invest For Retirement

Turn on CNBC for two minutes and it’s easy to believe you need to stop everything and invest in the hot stocks the “experts” are recommending and get out — NOW! — of the ones they’re bearish about. Chris Minnucci, author of the ironically titled The Death of Buy and Hold: How Not to Outlive Your Money — Investing for, and in, Retirement, says do so at your own peril. Minnucci, an early retiree and self-taught investor, says you’ll be far likelier to make your retirement money last if you take a more cautious, deliberate approach to investing, using diversification using what he calls “the principle of correlation combined with the complementary principle of compromise.”
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