For many people crunching the numbers to determine whether you will have enough to enjoy a comfortable retirement can be very intimidating & stressful.

In fact, coming to grips with your own “retirement reality” is something many people, like the author of this attached article tend to procrastinate on.

However, like the author discovered, when you take the time to go through some retirement planning questions and gain clarity around what a comfortable retirement means to you, you find that your reality is not so scary after all.

I encourage you to read the enclosed article to gain more clarity around your own retirement reality.

If you would like a helpful guide to take you through simple exercises, I know someone who can help you out….wink wink, nudge, nudge.

Coach Mark

Retirement Reality Is Catching Up With Me

New York times columnist John Schwartz writes about approaching retirement with trepidation. He says: I am an idiot. That, at least, is the impression I get from personal finance websites and magazines and books. They all seem to say I’m doing pretty much everything wrong when it comes to my financial life, basically because I don’t pay that much attention to my finances. But with some consultation and some strategizing, he makes the point that retirement reality is nothing to be afraid of.
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