A lot of the retirement advice we as financial advisors give out can tend to be on the dry side.
How to save taxes in retirement, how to avoid paying probate fees on your estate, what’s the best risk/return investment for your portfolio?
These are all very important areas to cover, but let’s face it, they are not always the most inspiring or motivating of conversations.
Here is a fresh look at advice that will spice up your retirement lifestyle, that you never get but definitely need to hear.
Have a great day.

Retirement Advice You Never Get But Need To Hear

Traditional retirement advice can be boring to some and less than fulfilling. Discussions about rollovers, precious metals, and the need to avoid probate can leave many new and soon-to-be retirees craving more. Desires that go beyond conventional financial recommendations and may include things such as investing in a pet, playing more golf, and taking more fishing trips. Here is some advice on topics that are not often discussed.

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