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During the heart of a bitterly cold winter like we are currently experiencing in southern Ontario-thoughts often drift to what it would be like to pack up and head out for a much warmer, and perhaps more exotic climate.

For some people this decision entails not just a temporary reprieve from the harshness of colder climate, but actually making a permanent move-retiring abroad.

Whether you are seriously contemplating this decision for yourself, or just day dreaming about it, here is an interesting article to help you divert your attention for a few moments.


Coach Mark

Overcoming The 5 Big Obstacles To Retiring Abroad

There are plenty of reasons people consider retiring abroad, among them: A lower cost of living (sometimes much lower); Better weather (sometimes much better); The ability to live a different type of life — perhaps less stressful, healthier, more meaningful or a self-reinvention; To have an adventure. There are also reasons why people won’t consider retiring abroad. But based on the 4,700 answers and 200 stories posted by the 300+ expats on our site, Best Places In the World to Retire, I think five commonly perceived “obstacles” are overblown and can easily be overcome:
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