For this week’s featured article, I thought I would give financial topics a rest, and instead touch on a subject that I know many people are very passionate about-the love of wine.

I am by no means a wine connoisseur, but one thing I do enjoy when it comes to wine is exploring new and interesting wines that are off the beaten path.

For the wine lover in your family, here is a great article called 5 Tips For Travelling in Lesser-Known Wine Regions.

Have a fabulous day.


Coach Mark

Off The Beaten Wine Path: 5 Tips For Traveling In Lesser-Known Wine Regions

Visit a Winery Near You! If there was a slogan for the entire North American wine industry, that may be it. That’s because few experiences enhance the pleasure of wine like visiting the place it’s produced, whether you walk through the vineyards, or peer into the barrel room, or wander through the production area itself. With the travel season just around the corner, here are five tips for visiting those lesser-known wine areas that are available to us all.
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