Imagine if achieving the new year’s resolutions and goals that you set for ourselves was actually fun and rewarding instead of tedious and illusive.

Not that there isn’t work involved, but what if we were able to take a more upbeat approach when it comes to our goals, be they personal or financial?

Here’s an interesting article that appeared in The New York Times that I think you will find helpful for this year goals, particularly your investment related ones.



Investment Strategies for Resolution Breakers

​THE problem with most New Year’s resolutions is that they aren’t any fun. Sure, many of us should eat less — and healthier. And of course, more exercise would be a good thing. But actually doing these things can be hard. It’s no different with financial resolutions. Spending less and saving more is a wonderful concept. But it would be much more enjoyable to take a big vacation in Bora Bora — and to lie on a hammock and consume high-calorie food and drink once we’re there. The authors of two new personal-finance books sympathize. They know it’s tough to achieve your financial goals – read on for the details.
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