Last weekend I sent out on article on RRSP’s that seemed to strike a cord with many people.

I received a number of comments about the article-which made reference to the generally believed notion that RRSP’s are a terrific investment & planning tool, but are not ideally suited to every person, or every situation.

I thought I would follow up on last week’s theme by sending along a thought provoking article on the 7 Misconceptions about RRSP’s.

I trust you will enjoy it.

Be sure to pass along your comments & feel free to forward it to a friend.



7 misconceptions about RRSPs

As RRSP season gets into full swing, every financial institution you’ve ever walked past is suddenly your best friend. Don’t delay, make a contribution today! There’s no question that Registered Retirement Savings Plans are a good idea. As we live longer and as fewer among us can count on company pensions, personal saving has to fill the gaps. Author, investment expert and Star columnist Gordon Pape calls RRSPs the “ultimate wealth builder,” but even though they’ve been around for almost 60 years, there are plenty of misconceptions about RRSPs.
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