Sometimes we need a little push (or a lot) in order to help us achieve our goals and dreams.

I’ve found that having someone to encourage, support, and give me a “kick” in the proverbial pants form time to time can make a huge difference in closing the gap from “potential” to “peak performance”.

That’s why over the next 52 weeks, starting right NOW, I’m going to “encourage” you to achieve the goals that you list as being most important to you. I’m also going to share with you some resources that I have found helpful in my own journey.


Feel free to contact me to ask any specific questions that you have, or to set up a time to have a more in depth conversation.


  1. Write out your number one goal in present tense: Eg:  “I am so happy and grateful now that I choose to complete the Scotiabank half marathon on Sept 25, 2015”.
  2. Ask, answer & commit to take action on the following question:    What is the work that my goal is asking me to do to achieve it? (I call this the Golden Question)

Coach Mark’s Favourite Resources:(for maximum results, listen daily, I do).

1. Affirmation Audio:

 2. Rapid Manifestation Audio:

3. Great Books: (There are lots & lots of great books, here are just a few of the old & the new that I find especially helpful).

  1. The War of Art, Stephen Pressfield
  2. Great Work, Great Career: Stephen Covey & Jennifer Colosimo
  3. Fit Soul Fit Body: Mark Allen & Brant Secunda
  4. Think & Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill.

Keep your Core Strong!

Mark Hudon, CFP™,  CCS™ 

Financial Fitness Coach,  


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