Accountability Challenge Week 8: A Simple Plan for Success.

As you know by now, (or at least I hope that you do), one of the four core steps to our Power of Persistence formula to reach any goal that we set is to have definite plans backed up by continuous action starting right now.

In this week’s lesson I want to focus on helping you to create a simple, yet very powerful daily plan of attack. I personally use this very simple formula every day to help me to stay on track.

Again, I wish I could claim credit for the creation of this step, but I can’t. I was initially introduced to the original version of this gem of an idea in where else? Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think & Grow Rich.  This version is a slight modification.

Accountability Challenge Week 8: A Simple Plan for Success.

  6 Most Important plus Vital One.

Plan for success

 Before you leave the office at the end of each day or at the latest before your head hits the pillow each evening, take 5 minutes to list out the 6 important steps you can take the next day that will move you closer to reaching your top goals.

Of those 6 most important action steps, list out the one step that you consider MOST VITAL. to your success. Be sure to focus 100% of your efforts on accomplishing this one VITAL step.

Once you have done that, move on to the next most important step, complete it, and then carry on down your list until all 6 steps are complete.

There will be those days where you do not complete all 6 of your action steps. However if you have been diligent in starting with your MOST VITAL priority for the day, then the chances are you will still be making terrific progress to your goals.

Here’s a look at what the format for this exercise looks like. It is very easy to put this into your contact management program in the form of an ongoing, recurring activity.

My 6 Most Important Tasks for Today plus Vital One:

My Most VITAL One:

 Now go to it!

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