Accountability Challenge Week 47: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Are you living within your comfort zone?

People who are consistently achieving great things in their lives-specifically the goals and dreams that are important to them seem to be able to step outside the comfort zones that hold everyone else back.

They tend to be working on areas of their lives that are important to them long before and long after anyone else on a daily basis, come rain or shine.

We have all invested years, and years creating and maintaining our comfort zones, and for good reason. They serve us well.

They protect us from the potential pain created by looking foolish, failure, rejection, and other manifestations of fear or anxiety.

However when we hold on to the confines of our comfort zone, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible to strengthen our existing skills and talents, and to build new ones.

If you are serious about achieving the big goals of your life, you are going to have to do things that you haven’t done before. You are going to have to do things to break through your comfort zones.

Yes this can be scary. However to grow in life, we develop the courage to face our fears head on.  We must feel the fear, and then do it anyway.

Yoru comfort zone

My challenge for you for this week is simple and fun.

To help you to step outside your comfort zone this week I want you to commit to do one thing this week that you have never done before. For example:

Take the bus or transit to work.

  1. Take a different route home.
  2. Initiate a conversation with a stranger this week.
  3. Take time to get better acquainted with someone in your office this week. During the conversation tell them something about them that you find interesting or admirable.
  4. Go to the gym and do a completely different workout than you are used to. E.g. Find a pool and go for a swim.

The point of these exercises is that when you take yourself out of your self-imposed comfort zone, you will begin to find the passion, and zest for life that you need to achieve the goals and dreams that you may feel are outside your reach.

Whether you realize it or not, your comfort zone has been robbing you of the passion and joy that makes life so special.

Now go to it!

Expect Success,

Mark, Thought for the week: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

Know where you are so you know where you are going.

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