Accountability Challenge Week 39:  “Three Flaws in Goal Setting”.

I have mentioned in the past that one of my favourite books on personal development as it relates to achieving our personal and professional goals is Pyscho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. This book was written back in 1960. It went on to become one of the most influential books of all time in its field.

Dr. Maltz has long since passed away, however his work has continued to endure. An updated version of the book was co-authored by marketing guru Dan Kennedy, called The New Pyscho Cybernetics. He also created a terrific audio program that I highly recommend.

In the audio program. Kennedy outlines Dr. Maltz’s discovery of why most people are unsuccessful in achieving their goals. He cites 3 major flaws in the typical goal setting process:

Three Flaws in Goal Setting are:

  • Insincerity.
  • Incongruence.
  • Imprecision.

Mistakes in seeting goals


Insincerity refers to when we set goals that really aren’t our own; typically these are goals that other people set for us, or feel we should achieve. We must be sincerely interested in the goals we set for ourselves. Take a look at your own goals and ask yourself whether these are goals that you truly desire for yourself, or are they goals that other have set for you.

Incongruence means that we although we may consciously desire to achieve a certain goal (Earn $100,000 of income, or lose 30 pounds) however subconsciously our self-image has been programmed to believe that we cannot achieve it. In other words our desire and our belief are not congruent.

Imprecision means that we have not clearly defined exactly what our goal looks like or what the steps are to achieve it. Until we have a crystal clear vision of our goals, we will not be successful in achieving them.

Now that we know the three flaws to goal setting let’s quickly look at the…

3 antidotes to goal getting:

Sincerity: Develop and commit to goals that you sincerely and earnestly desire.


Congruence: Present goals to your self-image with clarity in vivid detail.


Precision: Trying to implant a goal that is incongruent with the self-image is like dropping seeds on rock hard, bone dry ground.


Expect Success,


Thought for the week:  “It’s time to go from goal setting to goal getting”.


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