Accountability Challenge Week 32: Be Great

My challenge for you this week (and for the rest of your life) is to dare to be great.

The truth is you already are GREAT, you just might not be fully aware of it at the moment.

To me being great doesn’t have to mean setting world records in fitness or endurance, being number one in sales with your company, or being a perfect parent, partner or person.

To me being great means recognizing the potential that lies within you, and having the courage to do your best to maximize your performance in this very moment.

I remember back a few years ago, I was reading the Toronto Globe and Mail entertainment section and was intrigued by an article that talked about this being the 20th anniversary of the movie Thelma and Louise. This was a ground breaking movie for women. At the time it opened doors for leading females actors like Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, and gained critical and box office appeal. As well it inspired legions of women and men for that matter.

However, Ms. Davis was quoted as saying that over the past twenty years nothing really changed for women in the movies. The vast majority of the leading roles still go to men, and women other than a few exceptions are relegated to supporting roles. In the article actress and writer Sarah Silverman stated that yes it may unfair that there aren’t more women in starring roles, however complaining about the lack of roles for women or female directors isn’t going to change anything.

Silverman went on to say, “I think if you are good enough, you can’t be denied. Complaining doesn’t get anybody anywhere. How about just be great?”

Be Great

I thought this was wonderful advice. We can spend our lives complaining and wishing that things were better or, we can take a different path and work on ourselves to “be better”.

If we continually work and spend our thoughts, efforts and emotions on being better instead of worrying or complaining about outside influences, people or circumstances than our ultimate reward is that we can GREAT, as we define it.

What can you do TODAY and this week to be great?

Expect Success,


Thought for the week:“I think if you are good enough, you can’t be denied. Complaining doesn’t get anybody anywhere. How about just be great?”   Sarah Silverman

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