“The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief.”

These powerful words from David Schwartz’s classic book The Magic of Thinking Big came back to me recently as I was reflecting on my own journey to achieve the goals that are most meaningful to me personally…

Quite often the determining factor in the success or failure of the achievement of the goals that we set in our lives boils down to our belief in whether we can pull them off.

One of my favourite quotes attributed to the American Industrialist Henry Ford is

Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t you’re right.

It’s time for one of those moments of complete self-honesty.

Do you believe you can achieve the goals that you have set for yourself?

If your answer is “Yes”, then you have probably already made terrific progress on the path towards your goals. If however your answer is “no”, or “I’m not sure” then chances are you may be experiencing some significant challenges to reaching your goals.

The good news is that we have complete control over our thoughts and beliefs and that we have the power within us right now to take corrective action and to strengthen our belief systems and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.

I have adapted this week’s challenge from the fore-mentioned book The Magic of Thinking Big. The book came into print back in 1959, but the principles are as true today as they were then.

Power of belief


 1. Think success, not failure.

Spend five minutes per day this week mentally focusing on what you want in your life, as opposed to what you don’t want. This may appear to be self-evident, however the truth is most people focus on what they don’t want; poverty, mediocrity, being overweight or out of shape, and guess what it is they end up attracting?

2. Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are.  Take a few minutes to write out or review your list of victories. You can go back to week 3 of our challenge to review and revisit your list of the ten year victories if you like.

3. Believe Big: The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief.

 Think little goals and expect little achievement. Think big goals and win big success. Perhaps you are not dreaming big enough. If your current goals don’t scare you a little (or a lot) than there is a very good chance that you are not dreaming big enough. Spend a few minutes this week to DREAM BIG.

I will leave you with Brian Tracey’s wonderfully thought provoking and inspiring question.

What would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?

Dream it, and then go do it!

Expect Success,

Coach Mark,

Thought for the week :The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief”  Davd Schwartz.

Mark Hudon, CFP™CCS™

Financial Fitness Coach, Certified Cash Flow Specialist™

Creator of The Core Conditioning Program™

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