Congratulations, we’re now into week 3 of our 52 week Core Conditioning Program Accountability Challenge. How did you make out in week 2?

I encourage you to take 10 minutes to review your Progress over the past week.

  • What is the goal(s) that I am committed to achieving over the next 52 weeks?
  • What did I say I was going to do this past week?
  • What did I actually do?
  • How do I feel about it?

Briefly describe your victories or challenges from the  past week. If you made progress, now is the time to give yourself a big pat on the back. If you didn’t make any progress, don’t beat yourself up about it, but be honest in describing the Resistance that got in the way. Recommit to your goal, and move forward. FIDO (Forget it, drive on).

Week 3 Challenge: 

  • List Your 10 Year Victories:  

Special thanks to my friend Stephen Wenzel for being the inspiration for the 1st challenge. Often when we set goals we focus on the things that we want to happen in our lives (in the future) and we forget to take stock of, or appreciate the things that we have already accomplished-our Victories.

  • Take ten minutes to list out all of wonderful accomplishments, milestones, or events that you have experienced over the last 10 years:
  • The birth of a child, or two, getting married, completing a 5km run, losing 20 pounds, buying your first home, donating to your favourite worthy cause (even if it is yourself) etc. etc.  
  • Experiencing and sharing the things that we are grateful for or appreciative of, is one of the most powerful, and positive and energizing experiences that we can choose to do in our lives. Quite frankly we don’t do enough of it. I know I don’t. Do You

What is the WORK that your Goals are asking you to do to achieve them.  Think objectively of what it will take for you to achieve the goal(s) that you list as being most important to you this year. What is your PLAN?Write out everything you can think of-short, bullet points are fine. Compare this question to the one that most people ask themselves, which is; What is the work that I want to do to achieve my goal? Did you notice the difference?

  • 24 Hour Action Step; Why wait 48 hours? What one action will you commit to taking within the next 24 hours that will move you one step closer to your goal? Take that Step.   

Keep your Core Strong!

Mark Hudon, CFP™,  CCS™ 

Financial Fitness Coach,  

Know where you are so you know where you are going.

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