5 Investing Lessons From March Madness

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Even if you are a casual sports fan, you most likely are aware of the annual US college basketball tournament-deemed “March Madness” that occurs every year at this time.

Many people enjoy the challenge of getting involved in betting pools to guess which of the 64 chosen teams will advance from one round to the next, until the coveted Final 4 teams are left, and ultimately a champion is crowned.

One of the things that makes it fun, is everyone knows that a few long shots will payoff and defeat the favourites-the problem is you need a crystal ball to figure out which one.

Whether or not, you have a rooting interest in the tournament, I thought you would enjoy this article, which examines 5 investing lessons we can learn from to the March Madness basketball tournament.

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5 Investing Lessons From March Madness

Filling out a bracket for the NCAA championship basketball tournament is an annual highlight for sports fans like myself. Like most people, I don’t watch much of the regular season games, but every March I start reading expert picks and researching bracket strategy in preparation for pools with my family and friends. The process reminds me so much of investing because filling out a bracket balances expertise, risk, reward and future expectations.
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