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A lot of the retirement advice we as financial advisors give out can tend to be on the dry side.
How to save taxes in retirement, how to avoid paying probate fees on your estate, what’s the best risk/return investment for your portfolio?
These are all very important areas to cover, but let’s face it, they are not always the most inspiring or motivating of conversations.
Here is a fresh look at advice that will spice up your retirement lifestyle, that you never get but definitely need to hear.
Have a great day.

Retirement Advice You Never Get But Need To Hear

Traditional retirement advice can be boring to some and less than fulfilling. Discussions about rollovers, precious metals, and the need to avoid probate can leave many new and soon-to-be retirees craving more. Desires that go beyond conventional financial recommendations and may include things such as investing in a pet, playing more golf, and taking more fishing trips. Here is some advice on topics that are not often discussed.

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Making Your Money Last

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Outliving your money is a huge worry for people in or thinking about retirement.

Here is part 1 of a 2 part article that recently appeared in Forbes about how to make your money last.



Making Your Money Last In Retirement
Outliving your money is a huge worry for people in or thinking about retirement. You retire and don’t even own an alarm clock anymore. Then it hits you: Can you really afford this lifestyle? Did you save enough and invest right? How long will your money last? This article presents strategies to ease your worry about outliving your savings. Plan a bigger portfolio than you think you’ll need. When planning for retirement, never imagine you’re going to get off easy. Think the opposite.
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Managing Client’s Financial Fitness

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Managing clients’ financial fitness
Mark Hudon calls himself a “financial fitness coach.” The three-time Ironman triathlete serves about 100 families in his financial planning practice under the GP Wealth Management Corp.banner in Toronto. A financial advisor since 1994, Hudon has found that successful financial planning has much in common with endurance sports. Both, for example, require discipline and a focus on goals. Hudon urges his clients to apply the personal performance principles he uses in his endurance races to their financial plans.
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Three Valuable Lessons from the latest market downturn

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Going through the ups and downs of the markets is one of the most challenging things for investors to do.

Ok, truth be told, most of us are fine with the ups, it’s the downs that present the biggest challenges.

Fortunately, The recent downturn, followed by a swift recovery provides each of us with some very important “teachable moments”.

Here’s an excellent article on three valuable lessons to take away from the latest market downturn.



Three valuable lessons to take away from the latest market downturn

So long, stock market correction. We hardly knew you. The S&P 500 bounced again on Friday to another record high, of 2018.05, up about 200 points from a mere two weeks ago, when it wallowed in the depths of despair. The best part about the lightning-fast recovery? It gives us a chance to sift through our reactions to the turbulence of the past six weeks while the memories are still fresh and figure out what we did right and what we did wrong.
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