• Helping you to be Financially Fit For Life

    To get the best life possible with the money you have
    Our Approach

Financially Fit For Life™  is a Life-Centred financial life planning program designed for successful professionals & business owners who have a passion for an active lifestyle. The program helps you get & stay into top financial condition by:

1. Clarifying your Vision-What is it you really want in life?

2. Organize & Optimize your money.

3. Improve your performance.

About Us

I’ve been a Financial Advisor since 1994, and I obtained my Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP) in 1998.  I have the pleasure of partnering  with 75-100 great Clients For Life, with the sole purpose of helping them to be Financially Fit For Life. As a 4X Ironman Triathlete I’ve learned what it takes to succeed through great physical, mental and emotional challenges.  I know what it takes to help you realize your greatest dreams.


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